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UKA SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE  provides a comprehensive and holistic education for Abantu Children, preparing them for life in the KINGDOM OF SONINI NANINI

About Us

The UKA SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE is a driving force of ABANTU EDUCATION AND CULTURE, bringing together the finest minds in Africa and the Diaspora for collaboration and partnership in an All-inclusive and Comprehensive Educational Network. To deliver the best educational solutions to our Bantu Community.  Together with our Chairman, Nkosi Zoonaadh1, the Council will lead Curriculum change, Education innovation and Transformation, while shaping an Ubuntu Education System for the future generations.


Our Vision and Mission



“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105).  Since we love the Great and Mighty One, the Ancient of Days, SoNINI NaNINI, we will keep His commandments, restore Bantu culture, traditions, and spirituality.  We will accomplish this through our teaching and learning practices by providing a practical educational platform for Bantu children and their families.





Within the United Kingdom of Abram (UKA) School of Excellence, we strive to honor our Bantu culture, traditions, and spirituality for the betterment of Bantu children, families, and our communities.  We respect and honor our Bantu heritage, including our Ancestors, for without them, we would not exist. 


We are committed to promoting high expectations and standards, as we uncover our glorious history, for our students through a school-to-work progression model.  We strive to improve the educational outcomes of Bantu children, families, and communities by channeling all that we do in our restored Scriptures, adhering to the direction and instructions of the Almighty One, SoNINI NaNINI first and foremost. By doing so, we will teach and learn theory and then prove learning through ongoing practical application.


Our goal is obedience to our Father (Bawo) SoNINI NaNINI, so that we can experience the favor of our inheritance by embracing and living the principles of Ubuntu/Umuntu (“I am because we are” or “Our humanity towards each other”).


The United Kingdom of Abram (UKA) School of Excellence, as a branch of the United Kingdom of Abram NGO (non-governmental organization), will provide a learn-to-work educational experience for students from ages 5 years to 18 years (“earning to learn and learning to earn”). Our curriculum is grounded in Bantu customs and traditions and is firmly rooted in restored Bantu Scriptures.


The United Kingdom of Abram (UKA) School of Excellence will provide a solid Bantu educational experience, not only to the students, but also to family members such as parents or guardians, along with staff and faculty members.

The Team at UKA School of Excellence

Our Team.

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500 Terry Francine St.
San Francisco, CA 94158



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