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Dear Friends and supporters of Black re-education TV thank you for your continued donations to UKA Bantu Exodus. A process designed to reconnect our people with the Holy Land, Sub Saharan Africa.


Scattered But Not Lost

History of the Chosen Family or the Children of Abram and where they can be found today. By Ra Headley

My Product

P sa. 89:34 My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips.

The need for information on the true history of the Hebrew Israelite People demanded this presentation. Much has been said about this topic however, much of the information has been misrepresented and in some cases misleading. The information set forth in this book is introductory and seeks to address some of these issues: mainly, an age-old misconception about the Hebrew Israelites and the Jews.

In previewing the content of this book friends have asked what could result in the need for one group of people to abandon their own identity and adopt or rather covet that of another people. Some have suggested that such a people must have suffered great depravation in the past and have no recourse or ability to rectify their condition.

Since writing this book so much more information has come to light and is the subject of a second book.

Words such a Yah and Yahoshua are used in this text which maps the journey of the ‘Awakening’ of the true children of the Most High. Those will not be in the next book as they will be replaced by Bantu words for both the names of the Creator and the Saviour. It will also provide irrefutable proof of the true Location of the HOLY Land and the Holy City.

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